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Core values:

Mutual respect, integrity and honesty, integrity and law, unity and cooperation, the pursuit of excellence

Pursue the company\'s redevelopment, the comprehensive balance of employees\' interests and shareholders\' interests, and achieve win-win-win

The pursuit of the interests of the company, the interests of customers and suppliers of the comprehensive balance, to achieve win-win-win

Sisun mission:

Build the best silicone factory in China

Sisun Vision:

A sisun bearing the highest silicone technology in China

A Sisun that enables employees to earn a high income, live and work in peace, and be respected by the society

A Sisun that builds top-notch employees

A Heesun that can export a healthy and powerful culture

Employee guide:

Sisun staff working attitude: initiative, heart, abide by the rules

Sisun staff working method: communication, service, implementation

Sisun employee workflow: plan, execute and track

Review methods for measuring performance: effectiveness, efficiency, effectiveness